Artool Carbon Fibre FX

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Artool FH CFFX 1 Carbon Fibre FX are produced using a special polymer-coated material which are solvent resistant. With proper care, and without folding, they will withstand years of repeated use.

To accomplish a good carbon fibre look, it took many hours of precision airbrushing and taping and not always with great success Now you can reproduce this awesome look with the Artool Carbon Fibre FX Freehand Airbrush Templates. Create carbon fibre on anything: helmets, vehicles, parts, RC cars, hobby projects, planes, wherever your mind’s eye can take you.
With Carbon Fibre FX, airbrushing is much simpler, efficient and has just the right sharpness. The best advantage of the Carbon Fibre FX is that you can create a dynamic look with a multitude of color choices in many degrees of contrast in short order!


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