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Artool The Big Shield 1

Stencil size is 6" H x 8" W
Artool Essential Seven FH1 Big Shield
Sales price $ 17.93
Sales price without tax $ 16.30
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The eye-popping, ever-popular Artool Freehand Airbrush Templates for the crowd of kustom painters.“When you are short on time to get your project out the door, you need additional accessories in your art-box arsenal like this Artool FH-1 Big Shield 1 Freehand Airbrush Solvent Proof Template. This kool tool make short work of background and foreground art pieces where shapes and lines are required

When using water-based paints simply wipe down after use with Artool Studio Wipes to clean the paints from the stencils, all stencils are designed for working either right or left by flipping the stencil making them very versatile..

Essential Seven FH1 Big Shield Page


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