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Airbrush Kit

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Hobby/Beginner/ Cake Ninjajet Kit HP.CN

This kit is suitable to many applications:
*Cake Artistry

Matched to ensure a suitable air pressure for the above applications where smaller items are the intended use.
You will not be able to airbrush large areas with this kit, the airbrush selected is a .35mm Neo HP.CN which draws lower psi to achieve its fan pattern.

Products Included one of each:

*Iwata Ninja jet Compressor ( 1 yr Australia wide manufacturer’s warranty )

*Iwata Neo HP.CN

*Iwata Ninjat jet Compressor


Pressure Category           Low

Voltage Requirement (V)            240

Plug Type 240Volt

Amps (A)             1.60

Wattage (W)     95

Horsepower (hp)             1/12

Air Flow @ 50 Hz (CFM)                -

Air Flow @ 50 Hz (LPM)                -

Air Flow @ 60 Hz (CFM)                0.35

Air Flow @ 60 Hz (LPM)                10

Max Pressure (psi)          40

Max Pressure (MPa)      0.28

Working Pressure (psi) 1 - 15

Working Pressure (MPa)              0.01 - 0.10

Auto-Shut-off   No

Air Storage Tank Capacity (L)      -

Air Pressure Regulator  Yes

Net Weight (kg)               2.8

Assembled Dimensions (in)       6.57 x 6.97 x 4.72

Assembled Dimensions (mm)   167 x 177 x 120

The Iwata Ninja Jet compressor proves ideal for the hobbyist or professional user who needs a small, reliable source of air. The Ninja Jet's quiet operation makes it ideal for use in small work spaces and it is capable of powering most gravity feed airbrushes for low pressure applications of 1 to 15 psi.

This compressor is simple to operate and requires zero maintenance providing easy, reliable air when you need it. The air regulator knob allows you to adjust the working pressure so you can find the best spray for your airbrush and project. The built-in airbrush holder provides a safe and convenient place to rest your airbrush when you are not spraying.

Includes a durable polyurathane cobra coil aibrush hose for Iwata airbrushes.

*Iwata Neo HP.CN

Capable of a Hairline to 3/4” fan pattern

This airbrush is a .35mm which comes in Iwata Box packing with foam insert to ensure no damage can be done to your investment.

Also included is a nozzle spanner for nozzle removal.

* Features a .35-mm needle and nozzle combination for high-performance, general-purpose, high paint-flow spraying and wider spray patterns.

*Includes interchangeable large (1/4 oz) and medium (1/10 oz) cups designed with a funnel shape, which makes for easy clean-up and more efficient paint flow.



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*Note if no insurance is selected by the purchaser then they are not covered for any damages or loss, Airbrush Megastore packs all orders in bubble wrap in cardboard containers / boxes with sufficient packaging including Fragile Labeling.