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6000 Series - AutoBorne Sealers (undercoat)

The starting foundation ( undercoat ) for any graphic, complete automotive or large-panel paintjob to the plastic modeller.

AutoBorne Sealers have incredible adhesion to any substrate including plastic, dry fast & level, all shave well when dry sanded with 1000 grit or finer sandpaper.

AutoBorne Sealers allow for quicker drying times. Not only do the sealers themselves dry quickly, subsequent coats of Auto Air Colors dry quicker as less material is required to cover when colours are colour-keyed with AutoBorne Sealer.

AutoBorne Sealers are universally compatible with any paint system and can be applied direct to other primer types such as DTM etch-primers used to treat bare metal before AutoBorne Sealer is applied. Apply direct to aluminum, wood, urethane and most plastics and basically any substrate.

Not suitable for raw metal surfaces.

AutoBorne Sealers adhesion is truly tenacious.

AutoBorne Sealers are a water-based epoxy which takes 48 hours to fully cure after application. Sealers may be taped on, sanded and Auto-Air Colors / Wicked Colors / Illustration Colors may be applied less than 30 minutes after application. Prior to applying solvent-based paint or clear direct to Sealers allow 48 hours cure time, sand or degrease prior to application. Sealers may be top-coated with solvent-based paint soon after application provided Sealers are wiped with degreaser or sanded. Applying Createx Colors paints direct to Sealers after application does not require sanding or degreasing.

Reduce 10% per volume with 4011 Reducer. AutoBorne Sealer is best applied with a 1.2 – 1.4mm tip-sized spray gun around 25 – 30 psi or higher.

For use with smaller tip-sizes such as mini-guns and an airbrush, reduce accordingly to achieve proper flow and atomization.

Clean up with 5618 airbrush cleaner and use in between colour changes, dried paint can be removed by using 4008 Restorer, may reduce colours with 4011 Reducer.

*Do Not Use 4030 Mixing Additive in Autoborne Sealers

Using a sealer colour that is closest to your intended top coat colour allows for not only a seamless paintjob but less top coat colour mill be required EG: Use 6005 Sealer Orange under 4580 Sparklescent Mango


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Individual AutoBorne Sealer Undercoats


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