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 Fluorescent 4260 Hot Pink was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White
 Fluorescent 4264 Hot Berry was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White
 Fluorescent 4265 Hot Red was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White
 Fluorescent 4266 Hot Purple was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White
 Fluorescent 4267 Hot Sunburst was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White

























Flourescent Colors

Auto-Air Colors Fluorescent Colour Hot Pink is NOT lightfast. Similar to all neon colours, both water & solvent-based, Auto-Air Colors Fluorescent Colours fluoresce (emit light) because the pigment is in a state of decay and will eventually fade.

For best long-term colour, apply fluorescent over a colour-keyed base such as AutoBorne Sealer closest to the Fluorescent colour being applied. Universally compatible with all types of primers, paints and clears.

For best results on hard-surface & automotive applications, mix with 4030 mixing additive 10 – 25% per volume. Reduce with a sound starting point of 10% per volume with 4011 Reducer when being applied with a 1.2 – 1.4mm tip-sized spray gun around 25 – 30 psi or higher.

For use with smaller tip-sizes such as airbrushes, reduce accordingly to achieve proper flow and atomization.

Tips: Clean up with 5618 airbrush cleaner and use in between colour changes, dried paint can be removed by using 4008 Restorer, reduce colours with 4011 Reducer .

Looking for a urethane like flow, add approx 10% 4030 mixing additive and you will have a jaw dropping paint experience, any un-used paints MIXED with 4030 must be discarded , mix paints with 4030 Mixing additive last up to 48-72 hours.

CLEARCOATS Auto-Air Colors colours will except any automotive and marine 2 pack clears, most any enamel urethane and acrylic lacquer, will except epoxy.

What’s more, this product has no working windows like a solvent system, you may leave your project and come back to it whenever, no need to clear until completed, keep dry and dust free until clear is applied for hard external surfaces.

For hard surfaces using a sealer colour that is closest to your intended top coat colour allows for not only a seamless paintjob but less top coat colour.



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