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Iridescent 4350 Brite Yellow was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White
Iridescent 4355 Brite Blue was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6002 Black
Iridescent 4356 Electric Blue was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White


Iridescent 4358 Purple was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6002 Black

















Auto-Air Colors Iridescents:

The colours shown here were painted to full colour saturation over auto-borne sealer 6001 White or 6002 black, each iridescent colour shown has a listing for the sealer used as the undercoat for your reference.
As a guide
Auto Air iridescent Colours lay down flat with an even iridescent orientation when applied over a colour-keyed base colour.
When applying a iridescent colour for example 4350 yelllow applied over autoborne sealer 6004 yellow less material is required which also reduces the build-up.
Using minimal amounts of iridescent is key to achieving an even iridescent finish. It is also important to allow for adequate drying time in between coats of iridescent colours so that each coat lays down in an even pattern.
Not only that but using with a colour-keyed AutoBorne Sealer makes it easier when painting helmets, bikes, cars and any large paintjobs. Iridescent colours cover well on average, 2 – 3 coats are required for complete coverage.
Iridescent Orientation will benefit from a drop-coat after full coverage has been achieved. Reduce psi by 7 – 10psi and apply a single, cross pattern coat.
Irdidescent colours are best applied with a larger tip-sized airbrush or spray-gun
Reduce these colours with 4011 Reducer, looking for a water based urethane like no other then by adding 4030 mixing additive to the paints for increased adhesion, less tip dry, improved surface levelling just to name a few advantages.

View the videos based on reducers and mixing additive on the link just below this video.

Fluorescents are suitable to hard surfaces such as helmets, surf boards, remote control, signage, musical instruments,fishing lures,squid jigs, die cast models, plastic model kits and more...

For clear coats they except any automotive 2pack , marine clears, most acrylic lacquer and enamels, epoxy dips and resin coatings.

If you are not entirely sure with your clear coat then a test panel may be advisable..

For more technical information please view the hard surface guide and sds in pdf’s top of this page

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4300 Iridescent Colours