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Pearl 4302 Silver was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White
Pearl 4303 Gold was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6002 Black
Pearl 4304 Lime Green was sprayed over Auto-Borne Sealer 6001 White







































4300 Series - Auto-Air Colors Pearls

Start with a colour-keyed AutoBorne Sealer for best orientation.

EG: 6004 Auto-Borne Sealer ( Undercoat ) Yellow under 4303 Pearl Gold, all pearls also work well over Auto-Borne Sealer 6002 Black hence a darker representation

Auto Air Pearl Colors will lay down flat with an even pearl orientation when applied over a colour-keyed base colour Autoborne Sealer 6002 is also a popular ground coat.

By colour – keying with the base colour, less material is required which reduces the build-up of pearl that creates a mottled, splotchy finish.

Using minimal amounts of pearl is key to achieving an even metallic finish. It is also important to allow for adequate drying time in between coats of pearl colours so that each coat lays down in an even pattern.

If the underlying coat is still tacky, the next coat’s pearl will accumulate along the underlying coat’s pearl pattern and develop channels of pearl which may create a mottled appearance.

Colour-keying the pearl colours with the underlying base colour saves not only material, but allows for quicker drying times due to less material per coat and an even orientation in the finish.

On average, 2 – 3 coats are required for complete coverage. Orientation will benefit from a drop-coat after full coverage has been achieved. Reduce psi by 7 – 10psi and apply a single, cross pattern coat.

Clean up with 5618 airbrush cleaner and use in between colour changes, dried paint can be removed by using 4008 Restorer, reduce colours with 4011 Reducer . Looking for a urethane like flow, add approx 10% 4030 mixing additive and you will have a jaw dropping paint experience, any un-used paints MIXED with 4030 must be discarded , mix paints with 4030 Mixing additive last up to 48-72 hours.

CLEARCOATS Auto-Air Colors colours will except any automotive and marine 2 pack clears, most any enamel urethane and acrylic lacquer, will except epoxy.



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