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5308 Createx Colors Pearl Silver

createx colors 5308-pearl-silver airbrush paint
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Createx Vivid pearls are base colours with a shimmering effect especially when viewed in direct light. Work best over Opaque White or Opaque Black.

May also be reduced with 4011 Reducer for hard surface applications.

Fabric Clear Coats Use:

5603 – 5604 fabric clear coats

For Fabrics reduce with  Createx 5601 Transparent Base

Createx Colors is the worlds #1 fabric airbrush paints which are colourfast and washable after curing. Use Createx Transparents to build up colour values such as fades and fantasy art applications, apply to many varied surfaces including canvas, paper, boards, t-shirts, hats, Boots, Leather interior wall murals and more..

Createx Colors is brushable for the artistic painter artist and sprayable for spraygun applications.

Createx Colors Set-Up & Curing

Setup- Compressor : requirements of 50psi and higher are desirerable, when thinned ( reduced with 5601 Transparent Base lower PSI settings are achievable.
Airbrush requirements for optimal results with best with tip sizes of .5mm, when reduced Createx Colors may be used in detail with .3mm tip sizes for transparent.

Fabric Curing: Cure colours with heat after they’ve dried. Heat serves as a catalyst for a cross-linking reaction in the paints binder.
Shirt press for 20seconds at 350 degrees F, may use hot iron with a slip sheet until cured then a final tumble dry on heat, temps depend on your equipment.

Leather Curing: Clean leather with isopropyl alcohol prior to applying colours, apply colours in light coats only drying in between coats.
Once dried, cure colours through gentle exposure to heat from a heat gun or hair dryer for approx 5minutes.
DO NOT get colours too hot, warm to the touch works, may use a cloth as a slip sheet with an iron at 225 degrees F

Clean up with 5618 airbrush cleaner and use in between colour changes, dried paint can be removed by using 4008 Restorer, may reduce colours with 5601 Transparent Base or 4011 Reducer.


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*Note if no insurance is selected by the purchaser then they are not covered for any damages or loss, Airbrush Megastore packs all orders in bubble wrap in cardboard containers / boxes with sufficient packaging including Fragile Labeling.

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