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Colour Card + Free Dvd Pack

Receive all current colour cards / stickers with bonus ( Free Dvd Pack )
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Sales price $ 17.60
Sales price without tax $ 16.00
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For just $16.00 this special offer saves you over $60.00

Learn everything you need to know to be successful with Wicked Colors & Createx Colors.

You will learn:

*Introduction To Airbrush Equipment

*How To Disassemble & Maintain An Iwata Airbrush

*Use Of Spray Guns

*What tip sizes and PSI settings are suitable on all paints.

*Airbrush Control & Mastery

*Exercise Drills

*The Dagger Stroke

*Freehand airbrushing Skills

*Applying A Drop Shadow

*Pinstriping Demonstration & Paletting The Brush

*How To Airbrush A Beach Scene Using Createx Colors

*Lettering Techniques & Name Designs

*Creating Highlights

*Painting On Dark Surfaces

*Curing T-Shirts

*Surface Preparation

*Masking Techniques

*Protecting Your Artwork

*Blending Techniques

*Airbrushing on all surfaces

*Cleanup & Reducing All Paint Lines

*Taping & curing

*Detailed Airbrushing

*Complete Automotive Refinishing

*Straining Paints

*Wicked Colors how push / pull colours

*Wicked Colors layering techniques

*Wicked Colors create a believable zombie

* much more!!!!