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Please select a product line from any of the paint products below

preview *Additives
*Sets Less 10%

Product Overview:

Water-Based, Acrylic Sealer – Primer / Undercoat
Adhesive Ground – Coat for all Createx paints.
Dries quickly to a level coating with excellent
adhesion direct to substrate.
Thin / Reduce with 4011 Reducer
Do not apply to raw metal.


*QuickSilver & Gold
*ClearCoats UVLS
*Aluminum Bases
*Detail Colours
*Graphic Colours
*Opaque Colours
*Glow Paints
*Cosmic Sparkle
*Hi-Lite Flakes
*Hot Rod Sparkle
*Flair Tint / Colourshifts
*60ml Paint Sets


Product Overview:

Wicked Colors is a water-based true multi
surface acrylic resin paint system.
The true artists palette with Organic
Detail( transparents )..
Boasting variuos colour ranges that are
not only suitable to automotive / hard
surfaces, leather, t-shirts and many more
Durable and lightfast..


*Candy Colours & Kits

*UVLS Clear Coats


Product Overview:

Mix candy2o with 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear.

*Airbrush: any airbrush tip-size,
mix 4050 1:1 candy2o, thin 5% - 10% with
4011 Reducer
*Spray-Gun: 1.2 – 1.3mm tip-size, mix 4050
6:1 candy2o,thinning not required.

preview *Additives
*60ml Paint Sets
*Sets Less 10% 

Product Overview:

Createx Colors is water-based,number one
widely used an trusted professional
airbrush paint in the world.
Versatile for fabrics,wood,leather,canvas,
ceramic,clay,poster board,plaster,
wooden fishing lures and more..

preview *Additives
*Colorwheel Colours
*Bloodline Colours
*Opaque Colours
*Lifeline Colours
*30ml & 60ml  Sets

Product Overview:

Looking for the ultimate control in airbrush
paints, then Createx Illustration Colors is your ticket.
Insane detail achievable from the smallest tip sizes in.18mm, .23mm, .3mm and .35mm
Water-based acrylics suitable to most any surface from automotive / hard surfaces /
fabrics / paper and many more.
Lightfast and durable, Illustration has you

preview *Clear Coats    

Product Overview:

Water-Based, Acrylic – Aliphatic Polyurethane Clears
Architectural – grade velar for
interior & exterior use
UVLS – Ultra-Violet Light Stabilizer.
Protects underlying colors.
4050 UVLS Gloss Clear is also the
carrier-medium for candy 2o and an adhesive primer.



*Primary Colours
*Metallic Colours
*Gaming / Fantasy
*Heavy Equipment / Auto
*Weathering Colours
*Allied Armor USA
*British Armor WWll
*German Armor WWll
*Modern Armor

*Russian Armor WWll
*British Aircraft WWll
*German Aircraft WWll
*Russian Aircraft Mod WWll
*USA Aircraft Modern & WWll
*Japanese Aircraft WWII IJN
*US Navy Ships

  MMP Paint is a premium non-solvent
organic pigment, water-based paint
product. We do not use plastics or large
grain pigments, and are designed for
spraying in all airbrushes. Mission Models
Paints are non-toxic, odorless and safe on
all surfaces and materials. We recommend
thinning with MMP Thinner for best
In addition, add MMP Polyurethane Mix
Additive to your thinned paint for improved
durability, leveling and sanding qualities.