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5064 Createx Illustration Colors Burnt Sienna

createx-illustration colors-5064-illustration-burnt-sienna
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Illustration Colors are heavily pigmented transparent colors which dry to a matte finish. Colours may be reduced and over-reduced in any ratio with 4011 Reducer. Illustration Colors appear glossy and vibrant with dimension after a gloss, top-coat clear is applied.


Createx Illustration Colors is one of the most trusted manufacturers of Water-Based non-toxic / environmentally friendly paint systems in the world.

Compatible with and can be mixed with Auto-Air Colors / Wicked Colors, suitable to work in-conjunction with Artists Acrylics / All Solvent automotive systems including urethanes.

May be applied to 95% of all work surfaces from fabrics / hats/canvas/paper/illustration boards/helmets/skate decks/surf boards/signs/full automotive and much more…..


Createx Illustration Colors™ are a refined, water-based airbrush colours optimized for use on 90% of all surfaces ( including ) full Automotive. Illustration  Colors offer true fine-line, detailed performance while allowing for re-wettable effects and subtle erasing techniques. As the name implies, Illustration Colors are designed with the illustrator and fine artist in mind without catering to the demand for high coverage base colours.


If reduction is required start with 10-20% or even higher if required, it is hard to over reduce this product with 4011 High Temp Reducer.

Looking for a urethane like flow, add 10% 4030 mixing additive and you will have a jaw dropping paint experience, any un-used paints MIXED with 4030 must be discarded , mix paints with 4030 Mixing additive last up to 48-72 hours.

When it comes to clean up, use water first then a final rinse out with 4011 High Temp Reducer or 5618 Airbrush Cleaner.


Createx illustration colours will except any automotive and marine 2 pack clears, most any enamel urethane and acrylic lacquer, will except epoxy, Createx UVLS clears and many more.

What’s more, this product has no working windows like a solvent system, you may leave your project and come back to it whenever, no need to clear until completed, keep dry and dust free until clear is applied for hard external surfaces.


Createx Illustration Colors™ atomize and spray excellent through small airbrush tip sizes down to 0.18mm at low psi settings straight out of the bottle, a sound setting of 25psi is generally a good starting point. Reducer and Transparent Base is offered in our illustration Colors line for artists wishing to make colours even thinner or more transparent based on subjective preferences, however, most artists will find performance is excellent straight out of the bottle. Illustration Colors are compatible with urethane and most any type of clear, paint and primer.


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