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120ml Real Fire Paints + Artool Stencil Set

Auto-Air Colors Real Fire Kit9
Sales price $ 254.21
Sales price without tax $ 231.10
Price / kg:

After purchase you will be emailed a step by step PDF on how to acheive the 3 fire combinations in full

Set includes 1 each: Artool Big Shield Special Edition Set of 3, 120ml Each 6001 Auto-Borne Black, 4004 Transparent Base, 4040 Bleed Checker, 4012 High performance Reducer, 4030 Mixing Additive Semi-Opaques: 4201 Brite White, 4203 Flame Yellow, 4206 Flame Red Candy 2o: 4661 Emerald Green, 4660 Poison Green, 4650 Blood Red, 4654 Grabber Orange, 4652 Tequila Yellow, 4656 Midnight Blue, 4657 Caribe Blue

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