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Auto Air Colors 4101 Aluminum Base Fine



Auto Air Colors 4102 Aluminum Base Medium



Auto Air Colors 4103 Aluminum Base Coarse


4101 Fine  sprayed over 6001 Autoborne Sealer White

4102 Medium  sprayed over 6002 Autoborne Sealer Black

4103 Coarse  sprayed over 6002 Autoborne Sealer Black

Aluminum Colours are actual aluminum with unique properties separate from other Auto-Air Colors. They’re highly reflective, making them an ideal base for candy 2o colours. They also work excellent as a standalone silver finish; 4102 Aluminum Medium is an incredibly brilliant, show quality finish.

On average, 2 – 3 coats are required for complete coverage.

Clean up with 5618 airbrush cleaner and use in between colour changes, dried paint can be removed by using 4008 Restorer, reduce colours with 4012 High Performance Reducer . Looking for a urethane like flow, add approx 10% 4030 mixing additive and you will have a jaw dropping paint experience, any un-used paints MIXED with 4030 must be discarded , mix paints with 4030 Mixing additive last up to 48-72 hours.

CLEARCOATS Auto-Air Colors colours will except any automotive and marine 2 pack clears, most any enamel urethane and acrylic lacquer, will except epoxy.

May use Createx 5620 Series Interior / Exterior clears if not being used as an Automotive paintjob.

4100 Aluminium Bases