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Auto-Mask Tape

Many sizes available all x 91mtrs long
Auto Mask Paper
Sales price $ 5.72
Sales price without tax $ 5.20
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Medium tack auto mask tape is great for Automotive graphics or as a pickup tape for sign gaphic vinyls such as signmask vinyl, paper surface for drawing applications and adhesive backed, leaves no glue behind and once squeeged down with a 3m applicator , paint doesn't bleed underneath if properly put down. Each roll is 91mtrs long and used to even block out unpainted areas or simply cut and spray through. Also used to apply sign vinyls and signmask film. Works with both solvent basecoats and water-based basecoats EG: Auto-Air Colors,Wicked Colors and Createx Illustration Colors..


This product is postable: Airbrush Megastore uses Australia Post as our delivery option.

Up to 5kg options:

Express Post (No Insurance for loss or damage)

Express Post (Insured)

Aust Post Road (No Insurance for loss or damage)

Aust Post Road (Insured)

Cartons exceeding 5kg options:

Aust Post Road (No Insurance for loss or damage)

Aust Post Road (Insured)

*Note if no insurance is selected by the purchaser then they are not covered for any damages or loss, Airbrush Megastore packs all orders in bubble wrap in cardboard containers / boxes with sufficient packaging including Fragile Labeling.