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Sparmax Airbrush Bomber Kit

Sales price $ 353.38
Sales price without tax $ 321.25
Price / kg:
Untitled design - 2021-10-06T122259.378
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Sparmax SP.ARISM
5pc Brush Airbrush Cleaning Set4
Sparmax Spray Out Pot1
Sparmax Silver Bullet4
Sparmax Airbrush Bleed Valve9
Sparmax 2mtr hose

Sparmax Bomber Kit

This item will not last long, only 10 avaliable in stock. Get ready for Summer with the Sparmax Bomber Kit, (we have found the storage stool can be used as an ice bin to put your cold beers in) 


Sparmax Bomber Kit Includes:

1 x Sparmax Arism Compressor 

(Included in the Compressor is a Sparmax 2 meter Braided Air Hose, Sparmax Silver Bullet Moisture Filter and Sparmax Air Valve)

1 x Sparmax DH3 ( .3mm Needle / Nozzle )

1 x Sparmax Spray Out Pot

1 x Airbrush Brush Cleaning Set

1 x Airbrush Megastore Stubby Cooler

1 x Bomber Girl Storage Stool