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W212 Wicked Colors Glow In The Dark

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Wicked Transparent Glow Base is for application over colors to create glow-in-the-dark effects. Allow colours to absorb direct light for 2 – 4 hours then use soon after in the dark for a soft glow, the hue being created by the colour underlying Wicked Transparent Glow Dark. Glow last approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Best applied over bright, vivid colours such as Wicked Fluorescent Colors and white. Suitable for both airbrushes an mini spray guns tipp sizes from .3mm to 1.3mm Prouct is machine washable after heat cured for t-shirts and fabrics {slider Freight Click Here} This product is postable: Airbrush Megastore uses Australia Post as our delivery option. Up to 5kg options: Express Post (No Insurance for loss or damage Express Post (Insured) Aust Post Road (No Insurance for loss or damage) Aust Post Road (Insured) Cartons exceeding 5kg options: Aust Post Road (No Insurance for loss or damage) Aust Post Road (Insured) *Note if no insurance is selected by the purchaser then they are not covered for any damages or loss, Airbrush Megastore packs all orders in bubble wrap in cardboard containers / boxes with sufficient packaging including Fragile Labeling.


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